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0 Pet Adoption | Amelia Earheart Looking to Join your Flight Team!


Introducing Miss Amelia Earheart, fondly referred to as Meeley. Unlike her namesake, the famous Aviator, who's grandfather was a Federal Judge and Bank President, this girl was born in more humble beginnings. However, both of their mothers had similar child rearing styles. Both were instilled with a free spiritedness matched with a love of learning and self improvement.

The original Amelia collected newspaper clippings of successful women in male dominated fields such as film directing, law and mechanical engineering and she had quite an impressive scrapbook for her inspiration and goals. This pup has bookmarked web sites of famous dogs, but her goals tend to be more toward service work: police dogs, seeing eye dogs, bomb sniffers, etc.

Amelia Earhart became an international celebrity before she was lost in flight, her shy charismatic appeal, independence, persistance and coolness under pressure are all traits that this Amelia Earheart aspires to be. She's already got a few of them down. The sweet appeal and persistence come naturally due to her Lab heritage as does her intelligence and love of praise and affection.

Please come out and meet her, take her home, let her fly straight into your heart.

Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
1308 Myrtle St, Fulton

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