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0 Pet Adoption | Do You have a Job & Home for Lilly?

This weeks featured dog is Lilly, a young Blue Heeler who, besides a home, needs a job! Her resume' reads like a Fortune 500 CEO's. She has the energy and ambition to keep up with the entire family, no matter how active they may be - hiking, jogging, skateboarding and of course any and all ball games - this girl excels at it all.

Lilly also has the intelligence and creativity to rise above the glass ceiling, in fact, with her smarts, she'd be the first Heeler to herd your cattle across the ceiling and into your livingroom. However, contrary to the stereotypical Blue Heeler, this pup is very affectionate and cuddle loving.

And did you notice how beautiful this dog is? The Heeler was bred from a combination of Austrian Dingo and Collie and this girl definitely has been blessed with the best features that her ancestors could possibly have passed down. Her perky ears, bright brown eyes, and those spots, those gloriously soft, silky spots!

Won't you please consider hiring this girl - or better yet, adopting her into your family. She's guaranteed to rise to a management position!

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
1308 Myrtle St, Fulton

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