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3 Adopted! Pet Adoption | Young Gray/white Feet Cat Found Crying, Needs Loving Home!


After Memorial Day someone lost or left a sweet gray brindle kitty about 9 months, very vocal. Wants to come into homes in Bahia Bay area. Friendly, loves to jump in your lap, petting, and sweet talk. Follows people around crying to come inside as he is used to being indoors and loves all animals. Has four white feet and chest. Golden eyes with a gentle soul. We will pay for vet bill for first day of shots/neuter if some kind soul with or without other pets, will love this adorable cat. He wants inside very much. joellens@cableone.net



He was obviously loved at some time in his life, he sounds very social and will indeed make some lucky family very happy.


He has been adopted!


This kitty has been adopted now. Thanks

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