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4 Recommendation Needed | Eliminate Leaf Miners

Does anyone know a good way to control or flat out eliminate leaf miners? I have many culprits in my heirloom tomato plant, but also in my cucumber plant and a few pepper plants. I'd really prefer an organic method, as these are vegetables.  Thank you in advance! -AA



Call the Extension Office for advice 361-790-0103.


Leaf-miners usually don't cause much damage to plants, mostly cosmetic damage. Sometimes a little leaf damage is not so bad. Studies have shown that a little leaf damage (to less than 30% of the leaves) can actually increase yields in many plants!

The best prevention for leaf-miners is to grow really healthy plants, which means cultivating healthy, humus-rich soil. In Rockport, good soil can take a long time to build, but by using an organic, chemical-free approach, you will eventually grow really wonderful soil. Healthy soil is the best possible pesticide, because healthy plants naturally resist pests and disease, and healthy plants recover faster if they are attacked.

If leaf-miners are becoming more than a cosmetic problem, you can spray your plants with Garrett Juice, which is a mixture of liquid seaweed, liquid molasses, and fish emulsion oil. You can buy the commercial product at Moore than Feed, or you can make your own by mixing one tablespoon of each ingredient per gallon of water and spraying on the leaves of the plants. If you still have leaf-miners after an application, add one tablespoon of citrus oil per gallon to your Garrett Juice and spray the plants again.

The Garrett Juice does much more than to choke out the leaf-miners. Garrett Juice is a powerful fertilizer that your plants will love. Garrett Juice is named after Howard Garrett, an agriculturalist out of Dallas, and you can read up on him and his organic approach to gardening at - Justin


Thank you so much for this info, Justin! So helpful! I will definitely keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again, A


Great idea! Thanks Linda!

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