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6 Recommendation Needed | "Where to Offer Available Guest House Online?"

My husband and I have recently remodeled a small guest house, of which we would like to begin renting out to tourists and visitors for extra income. This would not be long-term rental, but more on a weekly basis. Several websites have been recommended to us, but many have drastic pros and cons in our eyes. Has anyone had any luck with websites like Home Away, Air B&B or Craigslist and could recommend one? Also, if you know of any pitfalls we should avoid, we are all ears. Thank you! - Mary Jane



Any of those sites are good it depends on if you want to pay to advertise or not. Make sure they sign a contract that specifies very clearly all the conditions. Deposit, refunds, cleaning fee, electricity, a list of what is in the house etc. Protect yourself or you will end up paying way more than what you make. Good luck.


get. everything. in. writing.


I agree that you need a signed rental agreement. I am a rental manager for vacation homes and highly recommend VRBO site. I have several owners advertise there and have had a lot of response from that site.


I like Airbnb. They have a pretty proactive approach to protecting the folks who use their site to advertise. Plus you can choose when you're available or the type guests you feel comfortable hosting. Good luck


I have used VRBO & vacationrentals.com with great success. I tried craigslist with very problematic results. Because craigslist is free there are all kinds of other properties listed & folks want to talk about everything & then show up, unannounced, in town & expect the house to to available or YOU find them someplace else suitable. I promply took everything off craigslist. I have only heard about airbnb -- no real experience.


We did extensive travel last fall to the East and used HomeAway and were very pleased. We will be using them again in the future.

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