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2 Roving Reporter | "Babies Wandering, Drive Carefully at Rockport Beach" | Text & Photo by Bonnie Roller

"Gull hatchlings are everywhere at Rockport Beach. Cute as can be, but no sense of range when confronted by a vehicle.

PLEASE be extra careful when driving. While I was capturing this picture, someone in a red SUV sped past me, almost running down 3 babies following their mama. Slow down and enjoy the view!" 

- Bonnie Roller

Roving Reporter | "Skimmer Chicks" by Jeanette Larson

Below: "Lots of gull chick at Rockport Beach. The skimmer chicks are harder to see." - Jeanette Larson



Thanks for the reminder Bonnie. Such a wonderful picture. I wish that the Navigation District would put out "do not feed the seagulls" signs. It makes them very aggressive, and then they push out shorebirds.


Adorable Photo!!

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