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1 Roving Reporter | "RFHS Library Goes to the Dogs!" Shared by Deb Navin

"On May 28th, the RFHS Library went "To the Dogs!" Head librarian Ms. Ann Vyoral and her staff got together with the Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton and had a very special event right there in the library. HSAC staff and volunteers showed up with a few of the adoptable pups and kitties from the shelter as well as a very dogs that had been shelter residents and now had permanent homes. The students had their library fines waived by bringing in donations for the shelter - treats, toys, leashes and of course, good old cash. The kids learned about heart worms, spay/neuter facts and how much it really costs to have a pet. Everyone was so well behaved (both 4 legged and 2), that there are plans in the works for more school events come next fall." - Deb Navin (HSAC Volunteer)

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KUDOS to everyone involved!! Educating the children now, in their formative years, produces conscientious adults respectful of animals. Nice work!!!

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