The World According to Bella | "Sleepover"

"Maybe the night would have gone so much better if only Mr. C and Mrs. S had been told ahead of time Mulligan has never been to a sleepover. I was excited for my best buddy Mulligan to spend the night with us. Mrs. S bought extra treats, filled up my water bowl, hauled all my toys out of the basket and fixed a bed for him out of blankets. I waited patiently for Mr. C to pick him up. I thought about all the fun things we could do; go to the dog park, play with my rope toy, wrestle, and chew on rawhide bones.

As soon as Mulligan arrived we were forced to pay attention to all Mrs. S's rules on what we could and couldn't do. I did hear her say something about not getting out of control and no roughhousing.

The first part was fun playing tug-a-war with my rope toy. We wrestled and rolled on the floor narrowing missing the floor lamp. I did have had a hard time sharing my favorite orange rubber squeaky toy and really wanted it back. Mulligan just wouldn’t give it up. He kept it firmly in his jaws. I pulled and pulled trying to get it. Finally he got tired of that game and dropped it. I quickly grabbed my orange rubber squeaky toy, ran into the bedroom and pushed it under Mr. C and Mrs. S’s bed.

We ignored Mrs. S's yells to quiet down but after awhile I was forced to take a "time out." I crawled under the dining table and watched Mulligan play with some of my toys. 

I was happy when I heard the words "bed-time." I was exhausted and wondered what Mulligan was going to do. My bed was not big enough to share.

I settled in my bed on the floor and watched Mulligan pace back and forth. He did not like the blanket bed Mrs. S had made nor did he want mine. 

Mrs. S and Mr. C settled in their bed and the lights went off. All of a sudden a scream pierced through the air "Get off the bed!"

The lights went on and there was Mrs. S having a meltdown. Someone forgot to tell Mulligan the CARDINAL RULE at our house; no jumping up on the furniture, which also meant the bed.
It seems just as the lights went off Mulligan had taken a flying leap and landed right into the bed between Mr. C and Mrs.S. but they were not having any part of this and made him get off.

Well the lights went out again and I tried to close my eyes. But soon I heard yelling, “Mulligan get off the bed!” the lights went on. Mulligan determined to get a spot had taken another flying leap to the middle of the bed. 

Well this went on and on for many hours into the night with Mulligan on the bed, yelling, lights on, Mulligan off bed, lights off. I was exhausted watching all of his antics and finally dozed off.

A few hours later really loud snoring woke me up. I thought it must be Mr. C. but it was Mulligan. And there he was in the middle of the bed, spread out on all fours sound asleep and snoring. As for Mr. C and Mrs. S they were practically hanging off their sides of the bed. Looks like they lost and Mulligan won this fight. What a night!

It did not surprise me the next day when Mrs. S declared there would be no more sleepovers."

Love, Bella

by Sue Ready


Anonymous said…
I really enjoy these stories and always look forward to reading them!

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