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2 VIDEO: "Tattoo Artist Creates New Areolas and Nipples For Breast Cancer Survivors" via New York Times

*If you are offended by pictures of breasts or tattoos, please do not watch this video. Please note: This video might not be appropriate for your work place, but I felt it was important to share. So many women among us suffer from or have suffered from breast cancer...most of us know someone affected by this awful disease. As women, so much of our identity is wrapped up in our bodies, that when parts of our bodies become distorted or removed altogether it can severely impact our self-esteem. This short 5m film shows the work of tattoo artist Vinnie Myers, who after receiving the news that his sister was diagnosed with breast cancer took that as a sign that he should help as many women as possible get their confidence back." ~ Alicia



They look so real! Like not just the skin texture but it even looks like they're actually protruding out. It's amazing.


This is amazing. Thank you for sharing. My friend fought breast cancer and lost. :( She would have appreciated this move to empowerment.

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