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0 Pet Adoption | "Granger" a Helper that Needs a Handyman!


Meet Granger, a spunky young guy who may just have re-invented the definition of his breed. Granger is a Red Heeler mix, often called the Australian Cattle Dog. His beautiful red spots, super soft fur and penchant for trying to herd the staff, give credit to his ancestry. An intelligent, speedy, affectionate boy, he should be looking at agility or assistance training. However just the other day, his actions proved that there is something else in his blood.

Let me tell you the story of a small water leak out in the 8 Run at the shelter. Just a little bit of water puddling in Granger's pen. Not enough for Jack & Bonnie to be affected, but it was starting to interfere with Bella's afternoon sand naps. The plumbers were called and upon arrival, were greeted with yips and wags and intense digging. Luckily, the professionals spoke dog and Granger was able to assist them in finding the problem with only a minimal amount of misunderstandings.

After the offending pipe was found and the hole plugged, Granger, the gentleman that he is, offered his paw and congratulated all on a job well done. This was followed by a celebratory mud bath, all involved got to play in, roll in and generally bathe in some seriously cool and refreshing mud. Granger is now looking for an apprenticeship in the industry, his resume' has been updated and scholarships are being searched. To interview this potential assistant, please stop out at the shelter, he's very anxious to start working.

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
1308 Myrtle St. Fulton, Texas

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