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0 Pet Adoption | Handsome "Max" is Looking for You to Fall in Love!


Ladies, you will want to grab a fan, and Gentlemen, get ready for your first Bro-mance, because this week's dog is going to cause you both to fall in love. This big boy makes People's Top 10 Sexiest men look like Don Knotts wanna-be's!

Meet Max, a handsome Lab with a finely sculpted body that reminds one of David Beckham's athletic legs and of Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson's finely crafted torso. Max has worked hard to achieve this level of fitness and is proud to show off his abs and guns.

Romantics, who melt at the thought of JT's crooning will be thrilled to know that Max has been asked to join him to perform a duet (think My Love), however Adam Levine has also thrown his offer into the mix, he'd like Max to sing Lovesong with him on stage. Max could really use a good agent at this point.
Some have asked about the texture and color of Max's fur, but the jet black color and silky softness with just a hint of wave is all natural and cannot be duplicated. And even though Johnny Depp has repeatedly requested the secret, even he will have to find his own stylist.

Now, what really is the sexiest asset this guy has is something he shares with Shemar Moore - a deep, wide "Come Play With Me" smile: strong, honest with just a hint of shyness. You can't get much more manly than that grin, unless of course it's the way that Max, in all his canine glory, invites you into his heart.

Yes folks, although this boy would need to be an only dog, his heart is open and loving to all two legged creatures. Max has a ton of love to give, won't you come out and meet this guy? He'll melt your heart!

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
1308 Myrtle St., Fulton, Texas

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