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0 Pet Adoption | "Zeva" Abandoned and Defenseless Needs a Protecting Home


My name is Zeva and I'm a bit puzzled about my predicament. I had a family, a nice home in Rockport and was very happy. My owners took care of me and I even have records at a local veterinarian clinic. After a couple of years of a nice life together, they turned me loose outside, and suddenly disappeared without a forwarding address or phone number.

I couldn't find them or get back in my house. To make a bad situation even worse, my front claws are removed and I am defenseless. I was very lucky though. A nice person at Animal Control picked me up and transferred to the Humane Society so I can find a new family.

They discovered my original name was Tiger, but other than my pretty black stripes, I'm not a tiger. I'm a sweet 2-3 year old female tabby and they named me Zeva. It's a pretty name, but the funny thing is it means sword in Greek, and I'm missing my "swords" on my front paws. Without claws, I need to find a family that will keep me indoors and probably be the only cat in the home. Do you have a room for a single kitty in your home? I'd like to apply. I'm spayed, vaccinated and have been an inside cat since I was a kitten a couple of years ago. Please come see me in Cattery #2.

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
1308 Myrtle St., Fulton, Texas

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