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0 Roving Reporter | Pictures of the "Super Moon" Over Rockport-Fulton

"Super Moon Over Fulton" by Chuck McMurtrey | Facebook Comments
"Super Moon" by Jennie Taylor
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THANK YOU to all the wonderful photographers who sent us their snapshots of the "Super Moon" July 12th. Folks 'dropped' off their images to our 'image drop box' and we were able to post the images to Facebook in real-time. What fun!! It's amazing how one moon can be portrayed and photographed in so many unique ways!

There will be 3 "Super Moons" or "Perigee" moons this year, which happen when the oval-shaped orbit of the moon is closest in its path to Earth. Watch a NASA video about it here.

"Super Moon and Palm Tree" by Jeanette Larson |
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"Super Moon" by Maria Nesbit | Facebook Comments

Above Left: Kay Wise-Denty "From the mountains of North Carolina. May I add with a cool 70 degrees by the fire making s'mores with my niece & nephew. " | Facebook Comments

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"Super Moon" by Patricia Dickson | Facebook Comments

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