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0 Pet Adoption | Adorable Kittens Need a Loving Home!

We had tenants move out of our rental house and left behind three adorable and very friendly cats! These are family cats that have been abandoned! One is a male kitten, grey and white with blue eyes that is very friendly and the other two are young black cats with white mittens and white on tummy's with green eyes, so calm and friendly! Please, we hope to find them all new forever families or someone who will have the heart for all three together! Grey kitten with blue eyes and two young black cats with white mittens and green eyes on S. 6th Street We are feeding them and leaving water out for them at 211 S. Sixth Street. If you know of anyone willing to rescue these precious little cats, please call Susan at (361)229-8200 or email at susan@bellinorockport.com. Thank you!

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