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5 Pet Adoption | Free Kittens to Loving Furever Homes

Free Kitties! I have 9 adorable, frisky, fantastic kittens & cats looking for furever homes. A tenant moved out & left them behind (Boo! HISS! And I'm trusting in karma.). Anyway, I'm starting to name them & pet them and...well, I already have two at home who are becoming suspicious about cheating on them. They're on to me! Males & Females to choose from; taupe, tabby, B&W, Calico...you name it, I got it! Go by 1701 Weeping Willow (the smallest cottage of 3) & take your pick or call Jen 361-332-1230. I have until the 29th to find homes then it's animal control. :-(



Why wouldn't you take them to the shelter?


Jen, please continue on your search for homes for these babies, but if by the 27th or so, you still have them, please call the shelter to see if we have room and/or fosters for them 361-729-8186. And thank you for saving them!


Thank you for the info, Deb!


Yes, please take them to the Humane Society, please don't take them to Animal Control! Ever!


Looks like a wrong choice of words is all that's wrong here. Don't beat her up over that. Sounds like a mistake I'd make.

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