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This handsome fellow is named Titan, and he’s a gorgeous mix of dog & god. Have you ever noticed that those two words have the same letters – it’s no accident. The original Titans, the Greek Gods, were huge – bigger than the naked eye could see. They ruled the earth before Zeus led the Olympians into battle, defeating them. Now this Titan, although a fairly big guy, is in no way large enough to rule the world. The only thing titanic about him is his heart. He did get some awesome traits from his deity ancestors, his strength and humor come straight from his mother Gaia, Goddess of Earth. Father Uranus, God of Sky, passed down Titan’s warmhearted, kind and loving manner. He’s definitely a mix made in heaven.

The familiar name and large size of the Titans have made them dramatic figures suited to many things in popular culture. Many professional and amateur sports teams use a titan as their mascot. Closest to home is the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. And wouldn’t this boy love to play for them – or any ball team for that matter.

And though the Titan submarine was developed to explore the earths oceans, this Titan is going to enjoy hanging around the house, with your family close by, he won't need to go searching, he'll have all he needs or wants, a loving furever home.

Come out and meet this fellow, you don’t have to bow, just listen to his bow-wow. You’ll fall in love!

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
1308 Myrtle St., Fulton, Texas

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