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0 Roving Reporter | "Pics of the Super Moon over Rockport-Fulton by Carol Koutnik, Danniece Bobeche, Maria Nesbit, Pamela Foley and Cindy Baker"

Wow! Thank you ladies for sending us these wonderful pictures of the "super moon" over Rockport-Fulton Aug 10. This was the 2nd of 3 super moons this year. Click here to see the amazing pictures send in to us in July. To watch a NASA video about what the super moon is, click here.

"...I was just sitting there with my camera at Moondog enjoying a great conversation with my dear friend Cindy Long just waiting for something to happen :)" - Maria Nesbit

"Super moon over the beach"
- Danniece Bobeche
"Lupe [Carol's trusty golden retriever]
and I went to Rockport Beach
to watch the moonrise--with journal
and iPhone camera." - Carol Koutnik

"This was taken at 8:20 pm at Sailhouse, Fulton Beach Road" - Pamela Foley

"I took these last night and this morning in Holiday Beach on my deck.
Hope you enjoy!" - Cindy Baker (above & below)

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