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3 CANCELLED! City of Rockport: Environmental Committee for Water Issues Agenda | Sept 18, 9:30am


"This meeting will be held at Rockport City Hall, 622 E. Market Street, Rockport, Texas. The following subjects will be discussed and possibly acted upon:" The meeting will be held at City Hall on Sept 18, 2014 at 9:30am.

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Now is the time to make your voice heard and your presence felt!

On Thursday, September 18th at 9:30 AM the Environmental and Water Quality Committee of the Rockport City Council will deliberate and act upon a possible recommendation to the City Council on our Skip the Plastic effort. This will be the second time this committee has included us on their agenda and your participation is needed.

Several of us appeared before this committee in July requesting (1) support for our mission and (2) asking them to forward a recommendation to the City Council to study the problems of single use, convenience plastic bags with the goal of reducing the proliferation of such in our community, watersheds and marine environment. After considerable discussion and debate, (mostly about “recycling and what to do with garbage and dog/cat poop if an ordinance on shopping bags was adopted”), the committee decided to table the issue for a future meeting. That meeting will be next week and your voice and your attendance is important to show the Committee and the City Council that a significant number of residents care about the aesthetic and environmental health issues associated with single-use plastic shopping bags and want something done.

Please mark your calendars.


I just read the concern about what to do with dog/cat poop without a plastic bag. Just so everyone knows they do make biodegradable plastic bags. One brand is called "Sunshine Bags" -- They used them during Earth Day here in Rockport.


The meeting has been cancelled due to lack of a quorum.

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