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1 ARRESTED! Coastal Bend Alert: Sexual Predator Wanted by Police, Aransas Pass, TX


"Daniel Billman has been arrested and is on his way to jail. We'd like to thank the US Marshal's Service for assisting us on this case. We also thank the many folks that shared the posting and provided tips. Even though none of the tips helped with the apprehension, they will be helpful as we continue to investigate these cases." - AP Police
Sexual Predator Wanted by Police, Sept 11, 2014 @ 11:41am--Aransas Pass Police detectives need your help locating this suspect. Daniel Benson Billman Jr. AGE 41 is believed to be in Aransas Pass or Coastal Bend area. Billman is currently wanted for sexual assault and is suspected in at least three sexual assaults currently under investigation by the Aransas Pass Police Department. We have reason to believe that Billman will victimize again if not apprehended. We need your help locating and arresting Daniel Benson Billman.

Daniel Benson Billman Jr. AGE 41: WANTED FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT

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Glad to know another creep is off the streets.

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