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5 Penny Pinchers Store Closes

"I just wanted to let everyone know that I have had to close Penny Pinchers. I also would like to say, I met a lot of folks and will sadly miss you all. Made lots of friends from our winter Texans, will miss seeing everyone. The one year I had the store will be so missed. Thank you all, and would like to stay in touch with many of you. Please feel free to email me." - Thank you again, Arline
We wish Arline the very best of luck, and would like to thank her for her support of the WWN over the past year. Thank you Arline! Please feel free to leave Arline some kind words in the comments section.



You will be missed!


So sorry to hear that Arline. Perhaps this is a new adventure for you. I like to look on the bright side in times like these. Hope nothing but the best for you.


oh no i love that store. i remember when the one in port aransas shut down. sad times


Oh, no! Rockport's only 5 and dime - type store! We will certainly miss it!


Sad news indeed! Arline, best wishes in your new adventure.

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