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5 Recycling Op at Wal-Mart in Rockport!

We spotted a recycling opportunity right here in Rockport for used printer ink cartridges! This is the main computer ink aisle, near electronics, where you can buy replacement ink. The text on the receptacle says you can insert and recycle ANY brand of ink cartridge.

Do you know of another, local recycling opportunity? Please share it through our 'Roving Reporter' form!



The Rockport Fulton Humane Society and Adoption also accepts small used and unused ink cartridges on Myrtle St. Please think about dropping your cartridges off or call me and I will pick them up and deliver. My number is 361 463 9301. Thanks, dee


Oh I didn't know that Dee Ytreeide. Is this an on going campaign by the Humane Society or just a short term thing? Thanks for the heads up!


Dee, thanks for posting. I have a big bag of used cartridges I've been saving to donate to a good cause. Will try to get out there this week.


Good to know...


Thank you Sally!

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