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2 Roving Reporter | "An Update on the Mansion: A Few Documentary Pictures of the Progress," Pictures Courtesy of The Fulton Mansion Staff

The Fulton Mansion staff as well as all the construction workers and architects have been working hard to ensure that the Fulton Mansion is a historic site that will be around for many moons to come!

If you have ever tried to renovate a part of your house...we can all assume this is like multiplying that by 100!

You can't just run to the hardware store for parts and pieces, oh no, many of the accent pieces and structural components that make up this historic gem have had to be custom made and/or repaired with expert hands. The end result will be a wonderful legacy we can all pass on to our children and grandchildren!

Here are a few documentary pictures [courtesy of the Fulton Mansion staff] of just a sampling of all the work that's being done. 

"Barring any new unforeseen problems, we hope to have the Mansion re-opened in late summer of next year [2015]. It has taken quite a bit longer than expected to restore the Mansion, but it’s a more comprehensive job than originally planned, and we are going to be that much more pleased when it is all done."

Above (1st Picture): The new slate for the roof has arrived all the way from a quarry in Canada!

Left: The front porch gallery has been removed. This photo shows only the metal beams left in place. The wood boards are for workers to walk on until the new porch is poured.

Below: Workers pose for a moment while installing the support structure needed to hold up this portion of the house once the beams are removed.

Above: A rusty beam once it’s been removed.
Notice the oyster shell and shellcrete attached to the beam.
Thank you to Lara Garner, Education Director,
for these wonderful pictures and captions!



Thank you for all the hard work everyone is putting in. I can't imagine. I'm so excited to see it when it's all done and show it off to visiting family!!


Thanks for the update! We were just talking about this over dinner! ~J

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