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4 Roving Reporter | "Waiting for Leftovers" | Photograph by Stephen and Donna Schneider



wonder which are the leftovers...the fish or the pelican! great shot.


I agree. This is a great shot. I would love to know what the back story is here. Such splashes. What happened?


We were watching the dolphins hunting for fish. We saw this guy making sudden turns and big splashes as he ran into a school of fish. It's pretty violent splashing for a few of seconds. ( A local fishing guide told us that dolphins prefer trout over reds due to the fact that trout has less scales. Many guides thinks we now have too many dolphins…but that is another story) The pelican stands buy and watches the feeding frenzy in hopes of getting some big chunks of leftovers.


Thank you so much for sharing. Great shot! You can feel the energy.

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