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Tami Chappell / Reuters
The patient is in strict isolation, hospital officials said, and had recently traveled to an area affected by the virus. The Centers for Disease Control is having a news conference at 5:30 p.m. ET.

A patient at a Dallas, Texas hospital has tested positive for the Ebola virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed on Tuesday.

The patient was put into “strict isolation” on Monday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas after showing symptoms of the disease, hospital officials said. The patient also had a travel history that suggested Ebola could be a possible diagnosis.

After testing, the CDC on Tuesday confirmed the patient had Ebola, News 8 in Dallas reported.

It is the first diagnosis of Ebola in the United States. Several medical workers who contracted the disease in West Africa have been treated in the U.S., but they were in isolation throughout the time they could be contagious.

Spanish health workers load Spanish Ebola patient into a Spanish Air Force transport plane in Liberia as they prepare for his repatriation to Spain for treatment this week. Handout / Reuters
In spite of the virus’ rapid spread in West Africa — where more than 3,000 have died — the risk is low when following hygiene guidelines and with access to medical facilities, the World Health Organization said.

Transmission requires direct contact with bodily fluids of a person who has been infected. Hand washing and avoiding contact with anyone showing symptoms can stop the spread of infection, the WHO said.

Symptoms of the virus include high fever, body aches, joint pain, vomiting, diarrhea, or hemorrhaging.

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"His travel history was suggestive"--I'll say it was! He flew here on Sept. 20 direct from Liberia. In fact, the news reports say he went to the hospital ER on Sept. 26 and told them his travel history. They sent him home with antibiotics. A few days later he was much worse and had to call an ambulance; the EMS workers are now in isolation and under observation.


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