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3 VIDEO: WWN "Bird Feed" Cam Sped Up 900%

The footage was captured during a live cam broadcast by WWNRockport.com Sept 18, 2014, Rockport, Texas. The following clip is sped up 900% of normal speed. The speed of this clip really gives you an appreciation for the tenacity of the hummers....you can really see their flight patterns as they make their circuit around the yard. If you have captured footage and pictures from your yard in Rockport-Fulton, please share! You can email JPGs and MOV files to wwnimages@gmail.com. We will post as many as possible. Thank you!



Very cool!


Thank you for sharing! As a new owner of a Rockport cottage, I am not able to be there at the moment to see this and appreciate the live cam! Hope the hummingbirds stay for a while!


This is fantastic. Thank you for posting this!!!

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