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5 AUDIO | Podcast #1: "Myths and Stories About the Fulton Mansion with Dr. Marsha Hendrix, Director"

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Fabulous! I love it.


This is so wonderful. Thank you Marsha!


Thank you so much for sharing. Very interesting. Happy Halloween!


Wonderful information. Great to hear your voice, Marsha. Love the format! :-) ~MS


Hello Marsha, Thank you for this info. I would be interested to know if they embalmed people back then. Do you know? You mentioned that the coffin was too short for George, and they had to order another one. I would imagine shipping wasn't that fast back then, so I'm just envisioning this body sitting around for a week while the new coffin was delivered. Pretty morbid, I know. Hearing about some of their practices would be very interesting to me. Thank you again, Mary S.

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