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2 Pet Adoption | Beautiful Female Cat "Tessa" Needs a Loving Home

There must be a cat lover in our community who has room in their hearts and their homes for beautiful Tessa, a sweet, delicate female cat barely a year old. Maybe someone whose beloved feline companion has passed away and they are ready to give their hearts again to the soft purr of a cat who will be eternally grateful for the gift of a safe and loving home. Tessa came to me this summer, starving and pregnant. I gave her a safe place to birth, nurse, and raise her babies to 8 weeks. Dr Mercer graciously took the babies into the June Project and they will find wonderful forever homes. Miss Tess needs a home of her own now also. Because of my not cat friendly dogs, and husband, Tess has to live outside--and the dogs, and husband, have stated that they want her off the property. Please, if you love cats, have room for a cat, have a heart for cats...forgo the typical response of going out and getting a kitten and consider giving little Tess a home. She's brave, playful, petite, and oh so sweet. (361)205-0213, krichison@yahoo.com



This is a wonderfully written story. I hope you find her a loving home! Thank you for taking care of her!


Thank you. Fingers crossed her special person reads WWN.

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