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3 The World According to Bella | "I’ve Got Mail"

Maybe it was the way Dr. Eckholm said arthritis or that the scale showed a ten pound weight gain or the possibility of having Lymes or then maybe it was the plastic daily pill reminder container that made me think I have stepped into a new stage Mrs. S calls middle age.

Mr. C took me to see Dr. Eckholm because I have been limping and my back leg hurts. He thought Mr. C might not remember what pills for what day so I got my very own daily pill reminder container. Each of the seven boxes even has a paw print on the top. One of my favorite pills is peanut butter flavored and shaped like a Milkbone.

Dr. Eckholm recommended increasing our daily walks from two to three to get my weight down. Mr. C worries that if I don't lose some weight I’ll never fit into my orange neoprene vest, much-needed fall apparel. Remember, it’s hunting season now.

Everyday Mr. C and I walk to the mailbox. Its two miles round trip. Some of my walks can be exciting like when I flushed out a grouse, treed a squirrel, and found a deer carcass. But I’ve learned my lesson; I avoid porcupines on the road.

I am ever hopeful something will be in the box for me. Sadly, there's never anything, but today was different. I got mail. Mr. C got nothing. It was a magazine addressed TO BELLA and even had my picture on the front. I didn't care that Dr. Eckholm had listed all the shots I needed-I was just happy to get mail.

On the last page of the booklet there was a list a lot of things on how labs got to be #1 on the AKC Breed Popularity list. I just knew they were talking about me when I heard the words: trustworthy, playful, eager to please, good temperament, enthusiastic, quick learner, enjoys swimming and retrieving. Mr.C said the only thing they forgot to put on that list was OCD-for digging holes.

I love getting mail, so send me some soon. As soon as I wrote that on my blog, a secret admirer started sending me mail. Three envelopes arrived this week making a total of six letters. Each envelope had my name written in large orange letters across the top. Inside each envelope are four little itty-bitty treats marked lo-cal meaning only three calories per treat. So these treats don’t exactly ruin my diet and do meet with Mr. C’s approval. I am still trying to guess who could be sending me mail. Maybe it’s Mulligan. He knows how much I like mail and treats.

Getting mail from Rockport to Minnesota can be slow. To speed things up you could leave a note via WWN comment box at end of my story. 

Love, Bella

Sue Ready



I always enjoy hearing from Bella. I believe she has many other entertaining stories to share.


Reading about Bella is my favorite part of the newsletter. I still think she should write an autobiography.


We love you Bella! Feel better soon! We love your stories!

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