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0 Town of Fulton | "Minutes of Regular Meeting, October 7, 2014"

[Excerpt from Minutes] "Discuss/Approve/Disapprove Aransas County Navigation District’s proposed rental rate for Paws and Taws Fulton Convention Center. 

Mayor Kendrick stated that Tommy Moore of the Aransas County Navigation District made an offer of $3,500 per month ($42,000 per year) for the lease. Mayor Kendrick stated he had initially offered $2,000 per month, but it would be tight to even cover that amount. Mayor Kendrick stated that if we agreed to the amount of $3,500, we would have to take funds away from entities that we currently give HOT (hotel occupancy tax) funds to cover the amount. Mayor Kendrick stated that all discussion in regards to this topic will always be open to the public and will not be discussed in closed session."... 
View Full Record of Minutes (.pdf) >>
Shared with the WWN via email by Jan Hill, City Secretary/Municipal Court Clerk, Town of Fulton, on October 17, 2014.

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