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2 ADOPTED! Pet Adoption | Ora Needs a Loving Forever Home! Currently Being Fostered by Dee

"Thanks so much. A couple saw her picture and asked to see ORA. I took her down to the Humane Society on Friday and they loved her. He is a retired veterinarian and they love dogs and cats. ORA is such a sweet gentle dog and was trying to play with two kittens that were in the lobby when they were meeting her. I would have loved to keep her but maybe I can help more in fostering in the future." - Sending hugs, Dee
ORA was recently fully groomed. She is a super sweet four year old shitzu yorkie. The owner could no longer keep her in her apartment complex. I am fostering her for the humane society and she needs a forever home. Loving, attentive and playful but past the puppy stage. She gets along great with my WHODAT. Please pass on! My number is 361-463-9301. I can bring her to the Humane Society for a meet and greet. Thanks so much, Dee



So cute!


Hi, just saw this picture, how sweet she looks. I have been thinking about adopting lately. My little Shnarzer is alone after his brother and best friend past away a couple months ago. He is very sweet has never growled and snapped at anyone in his life. Ora just caught my eye, would love to share our home with her. I am 70 in great health and have a nice home and fenced enclosure for potty breaks. Please give me a call at 765 987 5131 thank you.

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