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0 Recipe | Easy Appetizer: "Ideas for Quick Crostini Toppers" by Sue Ready

"Raid your refrigerator and pantry. Be creative with your toppings for the corncakes crostini. They are a great addition to your holiday appetizer table!" - Sue Ready

Corncakes Crostini / Ingredients: 
  • 1 box (15 oz.) honey cornbread mix 
Ideas for Quick Crostini Toppers:
  • Smoked Salmon: place a dollop of creme fraiche mixed with dill weed on top of corn cake crostini, top with salmon, fresh dill or chives 
  • Boursin Cheese: spread Boursin cheese on corncake crostini, top with finely chopped red and yellow peppers. Sprinkle with fresh chives 
  • Caramelized Apples and Onions: melt 1 TB butter in small fry pan. Add 1 tart apple chopped,1/3 cup diced sweet yellow onions and 1TB brown sugar. Caramelize until onions and apples are soft about 5 minutes. On top of corncake crostini add apple/onion mixture, crumbled goat cheese and chopped walnuts 
  • Cranberry and goat cheese: mix goat cheese, cranberry chutney, watercress and fresh ground pepper. Spread on corncake crostini. 
  • Ham and Fig: spread Fig Preserves or Mango Chutney on corncakes crostini. Top with chopped country ham 
  1. Follow the directions on the box using 1/3 cup melted butter rather than the suggested 1/3 cup oil. 
  2. Grease mini-muffin tins.
  3. Use a coffee scoop to measure batter for muffin tins. 
  4. Bake at 375 degrees for 11 minutes. 
  5. Cool corncakes on a wire rack. Use a bread knife to slightly trim off tops. 
  6. Crisp corncakes by placing on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 3 minutes. 
  7. Top each corncake with your favorite topping. 

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