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Photo by Pamela Fulcher
Local artist Bonnie Prouty was a little surprised to get a weekend call from Estelle Stair Gallery's owner Lisa Baer Frederick about coming to meet some patrons interested in buying one of Bonnie's large paintings. A little surprised, yes, but patrons sometimes make requests to meet the artist when contemplating a substantial purchase, so Bonnie told Lisa she would be right there.

Bonnie hung up the phone and told her husband she wouldn't be gone long, to which he replied that he would like to go with her. "I can go myself" she said, but he told her he really wanted to check something he noticed downtown.

When Bonnie arrived she was floored to discover all of her friends and family had gathered and were waiting to greet her for a surprise 80th birthday party! A live band played all of Bonnie's favorite songs, and she danced the night away in the heart of downtown Rockport.

Happy 80th Birthday Bonnie! We're sure this will be a birthday you won't soon forget!
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