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"I’ve had enough! Now my den is filling up with slushy snow in the front yard and there’s ice in my water dish. And today Mrs. S insisted I wear my neoprene vest because opening deer season is but a day away. But really my biggest problem is the pain in my leg. It has slowed me down. I’ve been inside a lot, taking naps and going to bed early.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone so crazy the last few days running around trying to catch squirrels and chipmunks or then maybe it was all the leaping and bounding I did last week at the dog park in the cities with Mulligan. I overheard Mrs. S tell Mr. C that my new pain meds cost more than their meds put together.

I know my days at the lake are about to end and its fine with me. I miss Mulligan and all our doggie friends. Mrs. S used words like I need to use more self control then I might be feeling better. But really it’s not all my fault. His owner carries a chuckit ball launcher and is constantly tossing balls. I do not want to feel left out by not chasing the balls. And when one goes in the water, I have to swim out to retrieve it before Mulligan. It's our game.

But now with my leg hurting I’m afraid Mr. C won’t take me there to play. He thinks I should rest which is getting rather boring. I worry about the mail. I’m wondering who will send it to the cities if I am not here. So far I have gotten 17 letters each one filled with a few lo-cal snacks making my daily walks to the mailbox fun. Mrs. S has said nothing about the mail. I do hope she has some plan in place. I liked listening to Mrs. S read me the comments from WWN at the end of my last story. Thanks to those who wrote me.

Wish I were going to Rockport rather than Minneapolis. It’s freezing here even though I am wearing my new winter coat. Mrs. S checked your temperature and it is 40 degrees warmer than here.

You are so lucky!"

Love, Bella

by Sue Ready

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