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2 City of Rockport | Press Release: "City Urges Residents To Report Suspicious Activity"

ROCKPORT, TX – In the wake of ongoing vandalism, the City’s Parks and Police Departments are encouraging residents and visitors to report any suspicious activities in and around the City’s parks and trails. 

“Almost every Monday I receive a phone call from an employee working at one of the parks or at the Aquatic Center and Skate Park informing me of some form of damage,” noted Parks and Leisure Services Director Tom Staley. “It can be as small as tipping over furniture, but is more apt to be serious vandalism, like graffiti on buildings and sidewalks or the destruction of property.”

While some of the activities may seem like childish pranks, the efforts and materials to correct these acts add up in terms of man-hours taken away from normal responsibilities and money to restore or replace equipment and facilities. Most recently, a shade canopy at the splash pool was sliced and multiple signs were stolen from the lake area of Memorial Park – all of which require replacement.

Staley believes these acts occur at night or at times of little or low patronage at the parks and trails. He asks that citizens be alert and responsive to suspicious behavior by calling the Public Safety Center at 361-729-1111 to report unusual activity. “We really appreciate getting these calls because they are a big deterrent and can help save taxpayers money in the long run,” he said.

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I would be my last nickel they are coming from the area behind the nursing home, its only a short walk. Take a ride over there and look how nasty it is.....


Just yesterday, Paradise House had a large concrete statue pushed over during the night. No way it was the wind, it "fell" towards the north. Likely the same vandals.

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