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2 Recommendation Needed | Will My Okra Come Back?

Hi Friends, New veggie gardener here: After doing some research online, I have learned that typically veggies need to be replanted each year....But, down here in Rockport my jalapeno plants and Brussel sprouts that I planted last May are still going strong. My okra (which I have come to LOVE) was producing really well up until it got chilly a few weeks ago. My question is, while it looks pretty bare now (I trimmed off the brown bits), the stalks themselves are still quite you think it will come back or do you think I should rip it out and wait for Spring? Sincerely, Okra-less in Rockport

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Hello Okra-less! You can keep many garden vegetables going for a long time if they don't freeze or burn in the summer. Most of these plants, however, will produce less and less over time--usually after their first season the production will drop quite a bit. Your okra probably will produce fruit again when the weather heats up in summer, but will not produce as well as the first season. I would recommend you pull up your old okra and plant something that will do well in cold weather, like lettuce, kale, greens, carrots, or broccoli. When the weather heats up, plant a new okra. Use your garden space and time to grow the plants matched to the season, and you will increase your harvest, health, and will have a lot more fun! Best of luck gong from Okra-less to Broccoli-full!


Thank you Justin! I appreciate your expertise! I will remove my Okra then. PS. Have you tried Okra in scrambled eggs!? keeps your eggs nice and soft. :)

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