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3 Roving Reporter | Thank You Letter Sent to Karen and Chas Mella

The following thank you letter was sent to Karen & Chas Mella after sending a donation box to a solider in the military. The response is heartwarming! Thanks for sharing, Karen!
Dear Karen and Chas,

Thank you very much for your donation box. There were a lot of useful things for me.

I am soldier from Slovak Republic. I was serving with your american soldiers in Kandahar for five months. It was big pleasure for me because I met a lot of good guys and I spent with them many long and hot nights. We were like brothers in many things.

Now I am in Kabul. My accomodation is with another american soldiers. Again, perfect guys.

Maybe during christmas I will be home with my family.

I hope that you are not angry that your box received slovakian soldier not american. It was something like a gift for me from chaplain.

Sorry for my poor english ;)

Thank you very much again.

In attachment there is a photo, I am the smaller guy on the left ;)

Best regards,

Lt Michal Galko
Slovak Republic



This makes me so happy to read. That this soldier would take the time to show his gratitude is very special. Sending prayers for our soldiers and those who serve along side them, especially during the holidays when many are far from home.


This is so wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing with us. It comes at a time when it seems there is nothing but anger and violence in the news. Do you know where I might be able to send a box I want to put together ?


Having been the wife of a former military member ,this is heartwarming.
God bless them all. And keep them safe.

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