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3 SLIDESHOW | Photographs of the Tropical Christmas Festivities by Jane Willard

Newsletter readers: Click the title above for complete slideshow page. Press play below and turn your speakers on! Thank you for sharing, Jane!

"Early morning Peace and tranquility as viewed from lofty walkway at Maritime Museum erupts into a vibrant day of colorful entertainment, music, dance, contests, Polynesian dancers, vintage fashion show, tour of homes, amazing medieval Carillon Bells, vendors offering unique items, parade and more at Rockport's Tropical Christmas Festival -- a wonderful day by the beautiful bay."

Below is a slideshow of images (with music) captured during the Tropical Christmas festivities by Jane Willard"[The slideshow is]...from almost 400 photos that I took that day. This represents only a few glimpses of the various activities, etc. during the day."

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Very nice. Thank you so much for sharing, Jane!


AS usual, Jane does a wonderful slideshow! We're definitely lucky to have one of hers for Tropical Christmas!



That's PEG-LEG FREON! His Pirate Ship is named AAARRRGH SERV!! [what else?] It was a really wonderful day. Merry Christmas to all Warm Winters & Cool Summers
from the folks at AIRE SERV Heating & A/C

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