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0 Something Fun | Humorous, Vintage Dog Food Recipe: "Recipe for Keeping Dogs Healthy and Happy" | Shared by Deb Navin

"I have a small collection of old cookbooks that were printed for various churches, granges, or guilds. Some of my favorite go-to recipes have been found in these old, handed down books.

As I was going through this one, looking for maybe a different take on date bread, I found this one and had a giggle. The page title is: "Recipe for Keeping Dogs Healthy and Happy."

Evidently commercial dog foods weren't readily available until the 1960's. And by the way, this recipe is NOT recommended for today's dogs." - Deb Navin

"2 lbs lean hamburg (raw), 8 carrots, 1 can tomatoes, 1 head lettuce or cabbage, 1 loaf stale bread. Pass all through a meat chopper. Keep in ice chest, giving amounts which keep a dog lean and strong. Puppies 8 months to 2 years, 2 meals a day. Grown dogs, 1 meal only. Keep fresh water always where a dog can get it. Vary above, with 2 bones a week, and at least one meal of dried bread and milk in a separate bowl. Food must never be too cold or hot. Dogs on Cape Cod are subject to indigestion because of iron in the water, so it is well to give them, with food, mineral oil every other day - 1 tsp to Fox Terrier size - 1 Tbsp to Setter size. Scraps from table in not too large quantity, may also be given. Never any form of pig or any quantity of starch."

- 1934 edition of the Harwich Port Library Assn. "From Cape Cod Kitchens"

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