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1 City of Rockport | PRESS RELEASE | "City Equips Vehicles With New Safety Measure"

"More than 30 vehicles from the City of Rockport’s Streets, Public Works and Parks departments have been retrofitted with specially designed decals to improve visibility and safety. The new decals incorporate a six-inch chevron design with retro reflective red and yellow striping along the width of the vehicle’s tailgate.

According to Director of Public Works Mike Donoho, the addition of the decals is a means of generating both visibility and awareness of these service vehicles when crews are working on or near streets or obstructing the line of vision for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Studies in the United States and several European countries have demonstrated that making vehicles more visible and identifiable when approaching motorists are further away from the marked vehicle gives motorists more time to slow down and react to the work zone, thereby reducing the likelihood of collisions and subsequent personal injury and damage to property.

“Recently, the State of Texas expanded its ‘Move Over/Slow Down’ to incorporate all Texas Department of Transportation vehicles,” Donoho noted. “The purpose of this program is to reduce preventable deaths, injuries, and property damage.

“While the ‘Move Over/Slow Down’ applies to the City’s police and emergency vehicles, we felt that we could expand the aspect locally by adding these special decals to our on-street vehicles,” he added."

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