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1 How-To: "Make Your Hummingbird Feeder Reservoir into a Wild Bird Feeder in the Winter"

Back in September we showed you how to make your own "Heavy-duty Hummingbird Reservoirs" using some PVC pipe ends and some hardware. But now it's January, and while there may be a few hummers at your feeders, you might have a few of these reservoirs sitting around now without a purpose.

Check this out! Clean out the water, and chain them together for a wild bird feeder in the winter! Fill the cups with your favorite seed or dried worms...use a variety to attract different species.

Be sure to use a squirrel baffle or something similar to shield the cups from rain. Don't have a baffle? Try drilling a hole through an old Tupperware lid (or bottom turned upside-down) or simply hang the cups under an overhang, such as on a patio.

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What a smart idea! Thanks for sharing.

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