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1 Letter to the Editor | "Superintendent Patek recently spoke..." | By Marsha Lawrence

To the Editor,

Superintendent Patek recently spoke to our Aransas County Retired Teachers’ Association about things that are happening in our school district. We were amazed and gratified to learn of all the wonderful things that our students are accomplishing through the guidance and dedication of our teachers. Teachers who have the strong backing and support of all of the district’s administrators and support personnel.

We also have many organizations, businesses, and individuals who give generously of their time, energy, skills, and money to ensure that our students have what they need to succeed. As we move into a more challenging future, the students of ACISD will be well-prepared to meet those challenges.

I am proud to say that I live and volunteer in a community that strives to ensure that its young people grow up to be successful, productive members of society. We don’t often hear the words “Thank you” today. So this is a thank you to all of the people who make Rockport a wonderful place to call home.

Marsha Lawrence

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What a beautiful letter. Nicely done Marsha. I'm so glad to call Rockport home!

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