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3 Recommendation Needed | Keep Electric Oven on While I'm not Home?

"I would like to make dinner for my husband, and then go pick him up at the airport, keeping the oven on until I get back home. That way, he will have a warm meal to come home to. It's an electric oven, not gas, and I haven't really done this before. Should I be concerned? I thought someone in the Network might know." Thanks for your thoughts, Jane



Not a good idea,I did that (no central heat) and the coils burned.Now I don't have an oven...Use a crockpot.


I often leave the house with something cooking in the oven. Don't know why the coils would be any more likely to burn than they would if you were in the house while you were cooking.


Now what happens if you leave the oven on warm, and there's a traffic jam, car breakdown, other delay.... tell me this - how long can your dish remain in the oven without say --- smoking out the entire house, maybe starting a fire..... and all the rest.
Just micro wave the plate when sitting down to the oven meal when you get home. Two hours on the counter is safe, after that bacteria sets in.... especially in the warmer months.

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