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1 Roving Reporter | "Aransas County Navigation District Commissioners Elect First Female Chairman"

Images Courtesy of Judith Vlasek
The Aransas County Navigation District commissioners have elected their first female chairman, Judith H. Vlasek, who represents precinct 1-1A, the southern part of Aransas County. She was appointed to the ACND in August of 2012 and was unopposed for reelection that November (2012)

Former chairman, Tommy Moore, who resigned on Monday because of business obligations, said "I am extremely pleased that Commissioner Vlasek has accepted the Chairmanship. Her experience and knowledge will allow her to continue to lead the District in the right direction. I am very proud that the first female Chairman of the Commission will succeed my tenure as Chairman."


I grew up in a small town in southern Illinois, southeast of St. Louis. My family spent most of the summer either on or near the water as my grandfather was an avid fisherman and my father had a runabout for skiing and cruising the many lakes and rivers in the Midwest.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University and a master’s degree from the University of Kansas.

As a professional journalist, I spent many years covering businesses and various city and county governments in Kansas City, Dallas and Houston. I saw how good public officials can improve a community and always thought I’d like to do that if given the opportunity.

I hope to continue the excellent work done by my predecessor, Tommy Moore, and all the other commissioners, both past and present. We’ll continue doing our very best to manage and improve the waterfront areas of Aransas County. I’ll continue the ACND tradition of being open to suggestions and criticisms from the community.

The next two years are going to be exciting ones as work begins on some very important projects that will benefit Aransas County citizens: renourishing the sand at Rockport Beach, stabilizing the Little Bay shoreline, and rebuilding the Little Bay boat ramp. We’ll also continue improving Cove Harbor, which is the county’s largest harbor and a major economic driver for the community.
(Text Courtesy of Judith Vlasek)

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Congratulations, Judy. I've enjoyed working with you in the past on issues brought before the Navigation District. I look forward to continuing to work with you in your new leadership position.

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