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10 Roving Reporter | "The Camera Saw More than I Did!" | Photographs by Lisa Kaye Knoblett

"Tuesday, January 6th My husband I decided to ride over to The Aransas wildlife refuge. Being new to Texas, we were not sure what we'd find or what to expect to see. Out goal was to spot the whooping cranes, sadly we did not.

However, we met up with some gators, had some wild boar run across the road in front of us, and saw trees full of what I think may be vultures. One, that I assumed had to be male was really showing off!

However the highlight for me was some photos I captured of some deer in a picnic area. The camera saw more than I did! I was totally focused on the deer. When I arrived home and downloaded the photos from my camera, I was surprised to find that had not only captured the 2 deer, but also 2 ships way in the background!

Being from Kentucky I am used to seeing deer, but...........to see deer and ships in the same photo! Well I was totally impressed! I had to send the photos to my son who has a farm full of deer. I had to tell him he'd NEVER get a photo like that in Kentucky!

Thank you for allowing me to share my photos!

PS had to share this photo taken from my front door!

Lisa Kaye Knoblett



Great shots, Lisa Kaye! You're not from Texas, but nevertheless, welcome home, my friend.


Beautiful, Beautiful Kaye, congratulations. Chey/Peggy


Nice Article, Lisa Kaye. Thank you for sharing it with me!


Thank you Cindy! I think I am HOME, it just took me a while to get here!


Thank you Chey!


My pleasure Jai. I hope there will be more in the future!


Beautiful pictures Lisa Kaye keep them coming


Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I love your deer.


Thank you. :)


Thank you. :) I hope to have many photos here.

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