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2 Roving Reporter | Rockport Center for the Arts: "Dr. Mitchel L. Wess to Serve as Board President"

Picture Courtesy of Dr. Mitchel Wess
The Board of Directors of Rockport Center for the Arts is pleased to announce that Dr. Mitchel L. Wess has been elected by the RCA Board of Directors as its President for 2015. Dr. Wess and Nikki Wess, RCA’s Tour of Homes Volunteer CoChair, are Lifetime Benefactors of the Art Center, as well as having been Art Auction Underwriters in 2014. Dr. Wess’s practice, Rockport Vision Care, was a sponsor of the 2014 Rockport Film Festival. In his capacity as President of the RCA Board, Dr. Wess will Chair the Executive Committee, and is also an Ex Officio Member of all of the Art Center’s Committees. Dr. Wess is the Chairman of the Art Center’s Performing, Literary and Media Arts Committee which is working closely with the Strategic Planning Committee on goals and strategies for the Center over the next decade. Dr. Wess and Nikki are a genuine part of the Art Center community, and look forward to welcoming more new people to the Art Center over the coming year.  (Text Courtesy of Rockport Center for the Arts)



He will make a great board member...


Congratulations Mitch! You have some big shoes to fill with your wonderful predecessors, but we are all rooting for you!

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