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7 VIDEO: Working Out with Lara in Rockport | Episode #5 (+Bonus Video: 3 Tips on How to Stay Motivated in 2015)

The holidays can wreak havoc on an exercise regimen! Get back into the groove of working out in 2015 with Lara and her Zumba moves! In this episode, Lara will do some warming up and strength training exercises. Watch this video over and over in the privacy of your own home or join Lara for her FREE Women's Zumba Class at Coastal Oaks Church on FM 3036, Saturdays at 1:00pm.

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BONUS VIDEO! 3 Tips: How to Stay Motivated in 2015



Way to go Lara!


Fantastic. Such personality! Thank you Lara. Keep them coming. - Mary S.


Thanks so much! Keep dancin'


For those who haven't taken a Zumba class - please don't be afraid! Lara is so very patient and non judgemental. Her classes are designed so that everyone from age 16 - 86, size 2 - 22 can have fun while burning calories and getting fit. Until my schedule opens up on Saturdays, I'm dancing around the house to the videos - what could be more fun than dancing? Thanks Miss Lara for taking such good care of me!


Thank you Deb!! Your kind words mean so much. Hope to see you soon.


I have enjoyed your classes very much. I am happy you are heading toward a new journey, but, will miss the classes and the energy you bring with them. (Lisa Kaye)


Hi Lisa!!! I am so thankful for your kind words!!! I will miss all my Zumba ladies very much, but we can still move and groove until May! ;)

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