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2 Lost Bird | Green Quaker Parrot Lost at Salt Water Flats RV Park, Rockport | $500 Reward

His name is Kiwi. Very friendly but scares easy. A person will have to gain his trust with soft gentle talk before/if he will come to someone - probably need food to offer him because he will be hungry since he was hand feed from a baby - bread, rice, pasta, cooked egg, cashews, raw peas. Flew away Feb 10 last seen Feb 12 at dusk just across HWY 35 from our RV park. He will most likely stay down in tree canopies, wild they usually stay within a 1,500 yard distance but hunger may drive him further. Says yummy-yummy, good good girl, that's better, bye-bye, coffee and does a sharp whistle like calling a horse. $500 reward if returned unharmed. He is banded. Cell phone (253)861-8682 email - gramacoat@yahoo.com



Thank you for this service. We still haven't had any news for the last two weeks but we're still searching for our little guy and asking that prayers be answered.


We want to thank you again for keeping this posted . The more the info gets out the better our chances of getting our little.guy back some day. Should we be blessed with his return we will let you know a.s.a.p.
God bless and again thank you so much.

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