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While attending a conference in Austin, we met up with a friend of ours to reconnect over dinner. While relaxing at her apartment before leaving, she asked if we would like to take a walk to see some peacocks. Peacocks? In Austin? She assured us that it was only a short 5 minute walk. A bit perplexed, we followed her down a lovely paved path to a nearby neighborhood at dusk. In the moonlight several loud "CAAWW"s pierced the crisp evening air, and after a few turns of our heads we looked up to find a baker's dozen of dark and white peacocks in a large tree.

As the story goes, a resident of the neighborhood use to care for a few peacocks as pets and over the years the birds multiplied. When the woman passed away the neighborhood embraced having the birds around and now the birds grace the landscape just like another neighborhood might have a flock of pigeons. Pretty interesting, huh...and you thought Austin was known for its bats! :) - Alicia



We have peacocks in Rockport.


Neat! Feel free to share a picture! :)

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