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1 Roving Reporter | "The Queens Really Were in Jackson MS!" By Bobbie Pearl | Photos Courtesy of Barbara Gurtner & Maria Nesbit

Photo Courtesy of Barbara Gurtner. Thank you Barbara!
"If you were watching the Live Streaming of the Zippity Doo Dah Parade on Saturday night patiently waiting the see your favorite Little Bay Sea Queens marching in the Parade, you were disappointed! How important can a commercial be that they would go to one EXACTLY at the time the Queens were in front of the camera??? Well, at least the photographers were still working, so here's a picture of the Little Bay Sea Queens stirring it up in Jackson Mississippi."

PS We totally believe that all the parades in Rockport-Fulton are much finer and a lot more fun. We're glad to be HOME!

Photos By Maria Nesbit. Thank you Maria!

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We sure made an impression!! Jackson, Mississippi folks know about Rockport Fulton, Texas now!!!!!

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