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I've always loved hawks and this year I've seemed to have encounters with quite a few more than my share. (My sister would say that the hawk must be my totem animal.) Here's a post from November showing the hawk that landed on our backyard wifi tower.

It was such an unusually gloomy, moist day in Rockport. I was talking on the phone in my bedroom when a loud "whap" hit the window. Startled, I peered out the blinds and saw a hawk devouring a large dove it had just apparently grabbed off of the bird feeder! (poor dove)...not 5 feed from me...paying no attention to me whatsoever. Needless to say, I can barely remember the rest of my phone conversation. Such fierce and relentless hunters, I heard him make another (yet unsuccessful) grab not 20 minutes later.

Unlike the hawk from November (of which I am still not 100% sure of its precise type) this hawk I'm pretty certain is a Cooper's Hawkdue to its markings and deep red eyes. Here's a page from the Cornell Lab showing the Cooper's hawk next to a Sharp-shinned Hawk—of which it's often mistaken.

Thoughts welcome! Happy Birding! ~ Alicia

P.S. If you had a totem spirit animal, what would it be and why?

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